New Single - Solsbury Hill

STRING ODYSSEY 🎸 SOLSBURY HILL (Instrumental Version) 
     The ultimate in unconventional pop songs. 99% of pop music pieces are in 4/4 time. Peter Gabriel, ever the innovator, always pushes the boundaries and this piece’s time signature is no exception with a time signature of 7/4 (except for two 4/4 bars in the chorus).  
     I went through a “Travis Picking” stage over the summer and the main guitar riff is one of the bits I learned. On this recording, as with all String Odyssey pieces, I performed all the instruments.  
     I recorded the acoustic guitar parts using standard and Nashville tunings (panned hard left and right). The main “vocal” melody is performed on my Fender Ultra Telecaster through my Mesa Boogie with a SM57 mic and Neve preamp in the signal chain. Other guitars used include my James Goodall acoustic and my PRS McCarty 594 Singlecut (for the big chords at the end). I added a bass guitar part (not in the original recording) to complement the left hand “piano bass” that appears later in the piece. String Odyssey 





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